Saturday, August 21, 2004
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Ignorance of Economics . . .

and a lot of other stuff. National Review:In the Crosshairs -- Trial lawyers take aim at big-box retailers over gender discrimination. by Carrie Lukas
Does the wage-gap statistic actually prove sex discrimination? No. First, as often is the case, this statistic ignores as much as it reveals. The 75 percent number trumpeted by feminists doesn't account for critical factors like education, occupational choice, or years of experience. On average, women leave the workforce for about a decade in order to care for children. It's no surprise that a 35-year-old woman re-entering the workforce after ten years off earns less than a man or woman who worked continuously during that time. Several studies have attempted to use control groups to eliminate these differences. One focused on childless men and women aged 27 to 33 and found that women in that group earned 98 cents for every male dollar.