Saturday, August 28, 2004
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The "Logic" of Abortion Lovers

Protesters March Across Brooklyn Bridge by VERENA DOBNIK
Thousands of abortion-rights activists marched across the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday, the latest in a growing procession of protests leading up to the Republican National Convention. [...] "I demand and cherish that right," said Sara Breman, 22, a student from Austin, Texas. "Under Bush that right is being threatened through their way of teaching sexual education — by teaching abstinence."
I'll concede for a just a moment that destroying a defenseless baby, fetus, child, whatzit, is a "right." Ms. Breman is confused confuses having a human right with having to excercise it. She takes issue with the fact that Bush is seeking to inform teenagers, the great majority of whom do not have the financial or emotional ability to parent children, to avoid sex, hence casting aside a need for abortions. This is a somehow a liability in the twisted world of abortion lovers like Breman who think that if we label something a "right" (whether it is or it isn't) then it must be excercised over any other concerns. I could continue picking apart her assumptions, non sequiturs, and general asinine reasoning, but I know from experience that it would be kicking a dead horse, or dead jackass, if you will. I do note the lovely desperation of these marches, however. The writing is on the wall for Planned Parenthood and other abortion promoters. Science is long ago established that the unborn child is a scientific miracle, which will ultimately be the end of abortion on demand, a pro-life president may again win the White House, pro-aborts are actually defending partial birth abortion, and young people are much more pro-life than their parents' generation. As noted by James Taranto in Opinion Journal, more pro-life youth may be because those who would be pro-abortion, were aborted years ago.