Monday, August 30, 2004
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The Rhetoric of Abortion Supporters...

was eerily used by slaveholders and Democrats in the 1800s. National Review: Republicans and the Relics of Barbarism -- Moral conviction made the GOP the GOP. by Robert P. George & William L. Saunders
Pro-slavery Democrats condemned them as "fanatics" and "zealots" who sought to impose their religious scruples and moral values on others. Slaveholders demanded that they "mind their own business" and stay out of the "domestic" and "private" affairs of others. Defenders of a "right" to own slaves pointedly invited northern abolitionists to redirect their moral outrage towards the "wage slave" system in the north. "If you are against slavery," they in effect said, "then don't own a slave."
Sound familiar?
A familiar mantra of "pro-choice" politicians is that abortion should be "safe, legal, and rare." Now, however, they seek to validate and fund a massive industry that would create human beings for the precise purpose of destroying them during the embryonic stage of development in biomedical research. What happened with slavery is now happening with embryo-killing: The people who used to defend it as a "necessary evil" to be resisted or lessened by means other than legal prohibition now promote it as a social good-something that law and government should not only tolerate but embrace and even promote.