Thursday, August 26, 2004
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Tolerance and Love at IndyMedia

Below is a lovely example of harmony and tolerance from some degenerate at IndyMedia:
Re: Phone numbers, addresses, and e-mails of over 1600 RNC delegates! by DownWithRNC (No verified email address) Current rating: 0 22 Aug 2004 TIME TO SHUT DOWN LGF [littlegreenfootballs] , INSTAFASCIST [Glenn Reynolds's Instapundit] AND THE REST...BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. THE DIGITAL BROWNSHIRTS WILL BE STOPPED. ENJOY YOUR LAST NIGHT OF SAFETY GLEN, CHARLES AND THE REST...TICK, TOCK, THE END IS NEAR FOR YOU FASCISTS.
So much for liberals' love for "diverse opinions" and "tolerance." Can you be more ignorant and hypocritical than this? Thanks to the Swanky Conservative.