Wednesday, August 11, 2004
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"What Liberal Media?" -- Eric Alterman

Lest you (still) doubt liberal media bias, Kerry cheerleader/whiner A.P. writer George Gedda gives us a truckful of it in the article below: Levers of Power Can Give Incumbent an Edge by GEORGE GEDDA
An incumbent president seeking re-election can have a clear advantage, especially in foreign policy. With a powerful military and vast diplomatic corps at his disposal, President Bush can make things happen. As just one of 100 senators, John Kerry can't. Unlike Kerry, Bush gets to play the role of statesman. He'll be invited to address the U.N. General Assembly next month, not Kerry.
Maybe it is because Bush is, oh, the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and John Kerry is not?
Will Bush thwart Kerry's stab at history with an October surprise?
The bastard Bush! The nerve of him wanting to keep his job! What about Bush's stab at history, Mr. Gedda?
Foreign policy moves also can be an albatross for a president seeking another term. Just ask Jimmy Carter. Will Iraq do to Bush what Iran did to Carter?
Don't you wish Mr. Gedda! I know your objectivity is comatose, but Carter was incompetent on foreign affairs and Bush isn't. Bush certainly has acheived more in 2 years and freed millions of people. Carter could not (didn't want to?) free some hostages.