Monday, January 10, 2005
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Enviro-Mental-Ism + Anti-Americanism = Kurt Nimmo

Progressive Trail: Support for Tsunami by Kurt Nimmo
Imagine millions of people driving around with magnetic car ribbons declaring support for the tsunami that ravaged south and Southeast Asia, killing upward to a hundred thousand people. You’d probably think those people are sadistic mental cases in need of treatment and medication. And yet millions of Americans display “support our troops” ribbons on their cars, even though “our” troops are daily killing and torturing innocent Iraqis—at checkpoints, in their homes, on the street, at demonstrations, and in Bush’s gulags such as Abu Ghraib—upward to a hundred thousand of them have died to date, possibly more. Supporting troops violating the Fourth Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War is considered patriotic while criticizing the troops and Bush for committing war crimes is considered not only unpatriotic but criminal.
Yes, the article gets alot worse. Imagine every liberal conspiracy theory and Nimmo stuffs it in there. Some reactions from readers to Nimmo's twisted lunacy:
Are you The Village Idiot? Posted by: Mike from Chicago There are medicines that could help treat your psychosis. That is, after all, what you clearly have. Your writing is so disjoint from reality that no other conclusion is possible. Posted by: Eric S. Sir, you are scum. You do not deserve to live in this great country. Go to Cuba or France and see where your mouth gets you! Posted by: Phil Carter Do you realize that your article is the laughing stock of Australia right now, and is rapidly spreading fits of laughter across the Western World. Either find a new hobby, or get some better medication. Your 15 minutes of fame is up. Posted by: T Sidoti It's good to see that people are still writing good fiction. Oh...wait, you were serious? I had no idea our troops were such vicious, indiscriminate killers. Perhaps I could introduce you to a few of them, and you could repeat what you've written here? Posted by: Kevin Krieg