Monday, January 10, 2005
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Apparently some people don't mind that tens of thousands are dead. Atleast the beaches look good. Tsunami Reverts Beaches to Natural State by ALISA TANG
Greg Ferrando glistened with sweat and sea water as he went for a barefoot jog up the immaculate white sand beach, where the tsunami has wiped away almost all signs of humanity. "This whole area was littered with commercialism," said the 43-year-old from Maui, Hawaii. "There were hundreds of beach chairs out here. I prefer the sand." The beauty of Thai beaches is the stuff of folklore: pristine, clean and untouched. That was 10 or 20 years ago. More recently, they have been swamped by development. "Everyone is talking about it. It looks much better now," he said. "This looks a lot more like Hawaii now, where vendors aren't allowed on the beach." [...] Some on Phi Phi Island agree. "They were just building and building and building. It was too much. You couldn't even walk around," said Moriel Avital, a 24-year-old Israeli who lived on the island for four months. "It was all gone in one wave — it's telling people not to mess with nature," she said. "Paradise should be paradise and should not become this civilized."
Thousands dead, families destroyed, property destroyed, businesses destroyed, livelihoods destroyed, children orphaned, parents with dead children, but HEY! The beaches look good!