Tuesday, January 25, 2005
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Freedom of Speech, Just Watch What You Say III

National Review: Truth to Power -- Summers of academic discontent By Judith Kleinfeld
Last week the country got a taste of academic politics when: (1) the president of Harvard, Larry Summers, raised the possibility at an academic conference that "innate sex differences" might be one of many reasons explaining why fewer women reach the top in science; (2) MIT professor of biology Nancy Hopkins flounced out of the conference, telling the media she would have "blacked out" had she stayed; and (3) Summers made a Soviet show-trial confession of sin. The feminists won the political fight in the academy (of course), but politics can't change the facts . . .
IWF Defends Statements of Harvard President
The Independent Women's Forum today defends statements by Harvard President Lawrence Summers. Summers suggested the possibility that innate differences between men and women contribute to there being fewer women in science and engineering at colleges and universities. "President Summers is being vilified for telling the truth about women," said Nancy Pfotenhauer, president and CEO of the Independent Women's Forum. "Women have children and choose to raise those children and neurobiology shows us women are better in certain fields than men and tend to gravitate towards those fields they do better in. Men, likewise, gravitate to fields they excel in." Summers made these "controversial" remarks last Friday at an academic conference and has since come under fire from some feminists groups. "Many studies have shown although women are typically better than men at verbal tasks and men are typically better than women at spatial tasks, they score equally on intelligence tests," added Pfotenhauer. "The hard-line feminists choose to diminish these facts that don't fit into their politically correct agenda. Instead of embracing these differences, they attack the motivations of the messenger, in this case President Summers."
Townhall: Stop apologizing: The women flap at Harvard by Amity Shlaes Townhall: Professors as inquisitors Dennis Prager Townhall: Seeking diversity at Harvard by Suzanne Fields Lawrence H. Summers, Harvard University's newly selected president, enters the Loeb House, at Harvard in Cambridge, Mass., Sunday, March 11, 2001, for a press conference. (Justin Ide/Harvard News Office)