Friday, January 07, 2005
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From the "Religion of Peace" Files

Homosexuality, fornication cause of tsunami? -- Saudi professor says sinful acts at Christmastime caused disaster
A Muslim Saudi professor says the earthquake and tsunami in south Asia were punishment from Allah for homosexuality and fornication committed by residents and visitors of affected countries at Christmastime. [...] The professor singled out beach resorts as places of sexual sin. "We know that at these resorts, which unfortunately exist in Islamic and other countries in south Asia, and especially at Christmas, fornication and sexual perversion of all kinds are rampant," he said. "The fact that it happened at this particular time is a sign from Allah. It happened at Christmas, when fornicators and corrupt people from all over the world come to commit fornication and sexual perversion. That's when this tragedy took place, striking them all and destroyed everything. It turned the land into wasteland, where only the cries of the ravens are heard. I say this is a great sign and punishment on which Muslims should reflect."
*Sigh* Where to begin? I am a Catholic, and the portrayal of God is a punisher, as a murderer, is a common thread in all religions. Of course, the mass assumptions are that God (1) requires or needs his/her creation to behave or act a certain way; it assumes that (2) God would be disappointed or angered by our failure to act in a certain way; it assumes (3) God would seek revenge and act out that revenge by using nature against us; it assumes that (4) God would be so angry, he/she would kill a lot of human beings to make things "right." Nevermind the fact that this is the same God who religions properly deem as perfect. But what perfect being acts like a mass murderer? Nevermind the fact that religions, atleast Catholicism, declare that God has given humanity free will. How can we have "free will" if, by choosing "incorrectly," (i.e., engaging in sex outside of marriage or engaging in homosexuality) we are penalized? This is hardly "free" will. Imagine if a parent tells a child, "I have given you the free decision to decide whether you do your homework or go out with friends to the movies. Choose whatever you wish, and be happy. However, if you choose to go to the movies, you will be grounded for an eternity with no TV, telephone, internet, or anything else." That's free will? Earth was designed a certain way, in polarities. There is hot and cold, wet and dry, summer and winter. And the earth, while usually stable, is also in a state of flux like everything else in the universe. The earth's surface has always shifted, somtimes violently. The fact that people are horribly affected or killed is very tragic, but it simply IS, and to point at God, to seek someone or something to blame, to target homosexuals, is proof that atleast some human beings are spiritually lagging.