Tuesday, January 18, 2005
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The Jackass of the Week Award Goes to...

From reading Andrew Sullivan, the man appears to live with a very unique sense of logic, politics, and morals of his own. To provide us with some perspective on the 10 year sentence of soldier Charles Graner for "abuses" against prisoners in Iraq, Sullivan writes :
"It would be hard to find or invent a more graphic example of evil than that perpetrated by (Charles) Graner in Abu Ghraib."
No, not hard at all, Andrew! How about flying planes full of people into two skyscrapers and a major government building? How about kidnapping innocent people, holding them hostage for weeks/months, and then cutting of their heads on camera? If those aren't evil enough for you, Andrew, how about planting bombs into cars so that innocent Iraqis, Iraqi police, and American soldiers can get blown to pieces? How about hanging the burned bodies of Americans on bridges for public view? Did you forget all that, Andrew? Andrew Sullian, The Jackass of the Week. Thanks to Opinion Journal.