Sunday, January 16, 2005
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The Liberal Media Inflated the Torture in Iraq

Regarding the 10 year conviction of US soldier Charles Graner, I found this note on the Yahoo mesage boards. Worth pondering. Subj: TYPICAL LIBERAL MEDIA PROPAGANDA By: abbrak1998 Date: 01/16/05 04:09 pm
I have a friend in the Army in Iraq. He emails me 2x a week. I asked him about this story several days ago. I have copied his response below: "Most of the people here have no clue about any of that. There's little tv or radio here. They hear most everything by word-of-mouth. I doubt I could find 10 people in Fallujah who have ever heard of him." Yet the liberal American media found it necessary to CREATE a story so they could report it. Complete fabrication. You kinda were given a clue by the liberal author with this paragraph: "But struggling to cope with daily violence, crime, and fuel and food shortages, and fearing more bloodshed ahead of Jan. 30 elections, most said they had paid little attention to Graner's court martial." The liberal who wrote the story is obviously trying to make it out that all Iraqis are "struggling to cope" when, in reality, the majority of Iraq is quite peaceful and much better off than before the U.S. liberation. The liberal author twisted the truth at the end of the sentence by saying the Iraqis are "paying little attention" reality, they have never heard of Graner and frankly wouldn't care if they had."