Saturday, January 08, 2005
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"What Liberal Media?" -- Eric Alterman

or Newsweek's Manifest Bias: A Tale of Two Stories. Media Research Center: Newsweek’s Senators to Watch by L. Brent Bozell III
After perusing the year-end (Dec. 27/Jan. 3) issue of Newsweek, I defy any editor there to deny this magazine is a mouthpiece for the political left. Their cover boy was Senator-Elect Barack Obama of Illinois, the "rising star," as the Democrats and so many admirers in the press have dubbed him. But Obama wasn’t the only senator profiled in the magazine’s "Who’s Next Issue." After the loving cover story on staunchly liberal Obama, a "news" report authored by Jonathan Alter (usually their predictably leftist in-house columnist), Newsweek reporter Howard Fineman profiled staunchly conservative Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania. The contrast between the two stories, both in tone and in content, could not be more obvious.