Tuesday, April 19, 2005
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Another Sign the Apocolypse is Upon Us III

This is LONDON: Met's PC madness By Richard Edwards
Scotland Yard is at the centre of a political correctness row today after changing how it officially describes black and Asian people. Metropolitan Police officers have been banned from using the phrase "ethnic minority". Instead they must use the term "black and minority ethnic communities/people". But the National Black Police Association said the switch - which could cost up to £1 million to implement - was a "waste of time and money". Ray Powell, association president, said: "I find it ridiculous the amount of time and effort being spent on this. Our communities are concerned with how they are treated rather than how they are referred to. These words are just superficial. The money would be better spent developing our communities rather than changing words in documents." Metropolitan Police Authority-MPA) documents confirm that three phrases - "visible ethnic minority", "black and ethnic minority" and "ethnic minority" - have been banned. "black and minority ethnic communities/people" was deemed more appropriate and "grammatically better". [...] Kirsten Hearn, head of the MPA diversity committee behind the ruling, said the switch would have no financial-implications. But sources said changing the Met's training procedures, documents and computers could cost "hundreds of thousands of pounds".
If you happen to be Scottish and reading this drivel (the story above, not my blog), I'd like to provide you with an easy acronym so you can be as P.C. as the snow is white: "Black and minority ethnic communities/people" would simply be "BAMECP." See? Much shorter and just as awkward as the original.