Wednesday, April 13, 2005
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Canadians With Nothing Better to Do II

Amateurs Want to Play for Stanley Cup
A group of amateur hockey players is taking the NHL to court to determine whether somebody can play for the Stanley Cup. The 'Wednesday Nighters' filed a claim in Ontario Superior Court on Wednesday asking it to clarify the terms under which Canadian Governor-General Lord Stanley donated the Cup in 1892. The NHL season was canceled in February amid a labor dispute. "The fact that the NHL has suspended its play this year doesn't mean that Canadians and others don't have the right to compete for the Stanley Cup," said Tim Gilbert, the groups' lawyer. Gilbert said Lord Stanley's intention when he donated the Stanley Cup was to have teams compete for the trophy every year, and a labor dispute shouldn't prevent that from happening.
"The right" to compete for the Stanley Cup? When did playing for a trophy -- ANY trophy -- become a "right"? Of course, only in androidly P.C. Canada can the Stanly Cup become a gender issue:
Current Canadian Governor-General Adrienne Clarkson suggested in February that if the NHL won't award the Stanley Cup this year, then it should be the top prize in women's hockey.
Maybe everyone should just have a Moosehead and wait until the labor dispute is over?