Thursday, April 21, 2005
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Counting Every (Bogus) Vote

What we knew is now confirmed: Republican Dino Rossi was screwed in the Washington Gubernatorial election. Michelle Malkin writes:
The gubernatorial election mess in Washington state continues. According to a new statistical analysis conducted by professors from CalTech and the University of Washington, Democratic Gov. Christine Gregoire would have lost the 2004 election to Republican Dino Rossi by about 100 votes--if ballots cast by felons, dead voters and non-citizens had been excluded. According to court papers, the GOP lists several categories of allegedly improper votes in the election:
- 946 ballots cast by felons, who are barred from voting by the state constitution unless their civil rights have been restored. Of those, 726 came from King County. - 53 ballots cast in the names of dead voters, including 39 in King County. - 22 ballots from voters who voted twice in Washington state, and five from voters who voted in Washington and another state. - Two absentee ballots from Chehalis that were filled out by someone other than the registered voter who received them. - Two ballots from Seattle cast by non-citizens, who are ineligible to vote. - 317 provisional ballots that were tabulated without the required verification of voter status. All but a handful are from King County.
No wonder the Democratic Party wants felons to vote. Atleast then, it would be "official."