Sunday, April 24, 2005
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Group Hug for All / Indoctrination 101

Chicago Sun Times: Race boot camp opens student eyes by MAUDLYNE IHEJIRIKA
"I've said it a hundred times, and I'll keep saying it as long as I'm here with you guys -- the beauty of TF South is what everybody brings to the table, the fact that there is diversity amongst us," Thornton South Principal John Hallberg told the 60 students involved in this unique experiment in race relations. "The key is just to keep that dialogue open and break down some of the barriers."
Ah "diversity"! Don't you feel better now?
"When we first got here, we were, like, OK, whatever, we're just coming here to talk about problems at school. And all of a sudden. ... We were like, oh my gosh, they're separating us into races," said Megan Moriarity, a 17-year-old white junior.
Like, totally whatever! Ms. Moriarity, when you are done being indoctrinated, perhaps you might learn some, oh, STANDARD ENGLISH?
"I think it helped out a lot. I learned that, yeah, we all are different, and we have to learn to accept that we are different, and that in many ways, we are the same," said Ivan Dondiego, a 16-year-old Latino sophomore.
You needed a class to figure that one out?
I would hope that as educators throughout the south suburbs, we would be bridge builders and bring groups together, bring kids together. That's our mission," said Hallberg. "So to schools that have their blinders on, I would say to them they need to open their eyes. We're not there to build just our own little world. We're there to build an entire community, which is far-reaching in the south suburbs."
Of course if you dare disagree with this indoctrination-posing-as-classwork, you must have "blinders on" and be "living in your own little world."