Saturday, April 23, 2005
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He Can Press "Reply All"

Pope Receives More Than 56,000 E-Mails By NICOLE WINFIELD
In English, the address is benedictxvi(at); in Italian, benedettoxvi(at); in Spanish, benedictoxvi(at); in French, benoitxvi(at); in German, benediktxvi(at); and in Portuguese, bentoxvi(at) Of the e-mails received so far, the bulk have been messages of congratulations written in English — 30,844 at last count. Italian well-wishers were next on the list with 12,621, followed by 6,024 messages in Spanish, 2,961 in Benedict's native tongue, German, 2,286 in Portuguese and 1,455 in French. The Vatican released a handful of the messages on Friday — all of them positive and welcoming of Benedict's election Tuesday as the 265th leader of the Roman Catholic Church. It didn't release any negative comments, and blacked out the sender's e-mail address and last names.