Tuesday, April 26, 2005
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Illinois Governor: My Way or the Highway

Alliance Defense Fund: Illinois governor writes prescription for trouble, CLS and ADF file suit on behalf of pharmacist -- Gov. Blagojevich’s “emergency rule” at odds with state Right of Conscience law
The Christian Legal Society and Alliance Defense Fund filed suit today against Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich on behalf of a Lake County pharmacist. Blagojevich’s “emergency rule” filed this month compels pharmacists to fill prescriptions for contraceptives, including abortion-inducing drugs, regardless of any moral objections they may have. [...] The lawsuit, David Scimio v. Rod R. Blagojevich, et al., was filed in the Circuit Court of the 19th Judicial Circuit of Lake County, Illinois. Scimio, a Christian pharmacist whose conscience would be violated by filling prescriptions for abortifacients, decided to file suit after Blagojevich filed his “emergency rule.” The lawsuit contends that the rule violates the Illinois Health Care Right of Conscience Act, which states that the public policy of Illinois is to “respect and protect the right of conscience” of health care professionals. The act also prohibits “all forms of discrimination, disqualification, coercion, disability, or imposition of liability” upon persons who refuse to deliver such services based upon a matter of conscience. [...] The lawsuit also contends that Blagojevich also violated Illinois law by not allowing any public hearing on his rule and by failing to obtain proper authorization from a majority of the Board of Pharmacy. The suit additionally argues that the rule violates Scimio’s religious freedoms guaranteed under the Illinois Religious Freedom Restoration Act.
How "tolerant" of the Governor.