Friday, April 29, 2005
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Laura Ingraham's Battle Improves

LAURA UPDATE, DAY 4: Great news yesterday from the pathology report that was done on Laura's tumor and lymph nodes after her breast cancer surgery on Tuesday. Her lymph nodes were NEGATIVE, her HER-2 test was negative (a good thing), and her tumor was estrogen/hormone receptive (good thing). The tumor was 9 millimeters in diameter. The one bummer is that she needs to go back for another surgery next week because the dye they used showed some cancer cells remaining "outside the margin" of the tissue Dr. Katherine Alley excised during the first surgery. So, Dr. Alley will go back in and "clean the margins" a few more millimeters around the original tumor and that should be that. Laura is meeting soon with her oncologist Dr. Fred Smith to begin mapping out her post-op cancer treatment (radiation schedule, etc.). "Chemo could really cramp my style so I am hoping that is not necessary!" Laura laughed. "That could really mess up my highlights! Although, then again, it could save me money on salon waxing bills." "Botton-line," said Laura, "I am feeling better every day--your calls, emails, best wishes, and more than anything your prayers have made all the difference in keeping my spirits up. You remind me every day that I am too blessed and have too much to say and do to check out any time soon!"
The Democratic Underground shows their compassion for Laura in a big way:
I don't pray for Nazis or other Totalitarian Scum They have caused too much pain to others. On the other hand, perhaps I will do a bit of praying. Yes, that she share, appropriately, the wing of Hell populated by Hitler's lower managmement, radio personalities, and writers from the Ministry of Propaganda. Which is where her soul belongs in the Afterlife.
Funny how some invoke Christian theology when it benefits them. Here's a second venomous post:
here is a woman who has done everything she can to destroy the lives of other less fortunate women...women who have no health insurance to care for themselves or their children to get the care they need...i have no sympathy for her..may she live the life she has lied about and see how it feels for those less fortunate..i do not wish her ill will as far as her health is concerned..but nor do i have sympathy for what she faces ahead..i hope she has to declare bankruptsy and see's how the other side lives!!
I was unaware that radio hosts had such super powers. Amazing that such posts come from people who would call themselves "compassionate" and "peaceful." Hypocricy at its best.