Monday, April 25, 2005
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No Hypocricy Here, Move Along Please

From William Greene, President of on Tom DeLay:
Democrats accuse Tom DeLay of ethics violations, but what the liberal media isn't telling you is that the Democrats are HYPOCRITES. Here's why: Democrats criticize Tom DeLay for taking overseas trips -- but Democrats took over SIX HUNDRED more trips than Republicans... and the top five trip takers in order of most spent on trips from 2000-2004 were all Democrats! ( Democrat leaders accuse Tom DeLay of doing legislative favors for donors - but Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi helped secure THREE MILLION DOLLARS last year for a group that donated to her campaign and sent her staff on trips to Europe! ("Pelosi helped donor to PAC," They criticize DeLay for hiring family members during his campaign, but Democrat Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has sponsored legislation that netted his family hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. In the last four years alone, firms with Reid family ties have collected more than $2 million in lobbying fees! ("Harry Reid Family Cashing In," Democrats claim they want Tom DeLay investigated by the House Ethics Committee -- even though he's never even been accused of breaking the law -- but these same Democrats won't let that committee meet because then THEIR Congressman, Democrat Jim McDermott, would have to be kicked out of Congress because he was actually CONVICTED of breaking the law! ("Ethics in the House of Representatives,"
Speaking of hypocricy, GOP Bloggers has a cool image for the visual types (like me): or click here.