Monday, April 25, 2005
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Poet and guest whiner Martin Espada writes in the latest edition of Ploughshares:
President Bush was reelected soon afterwards. Unlike those who swore they would flee to Canada after this national embarrassment, I calmly decided that I was never leaving my house again. I was left with my cardboard box. I dipped into the box and fished out more metaphors, with gratitude.
We're grateful, Martin, that you are no longer leaving your home. Air pollution is bad enough, isn't it? I knew poets were usually dirt poor, but living in a cardboard box is extreme. Perhaps I can use the blog here for a Martin Espada collection. Two pages later, “poet” Nin Andrews writes:
the one thing you do talk about is how you both hate George Bush. I imagine all the dead hate Bush. Too bad they don’t vote any more.
Andrews is misinformed; the dead do vote often, specifically in heavily Democratic counties like King County in Washington and Cook County in Illinois. Yes, cancelling my subscription to Ploughshares felt liberating indeed. Contact Ploughshares and let them know how ignorant and tactless they are:
Ploughshares Emerson College 120 Boylston St. Boston, MA 02116 Telephone: (617) 824-8753 E-mail