Tuesday, April 19, 2005
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Tolerance in Action II: New Pope Deemed Too Catholic by Liberals

Via Confederate Yankee, some Democrats at Democrat Underground are showing their true colors over Cardinal Ratzinger's selection as Pope. Apparently they are concerned that the Cardinal is not a big fan of vacuuming unborn babies, married priests, and women celebrating mass.
This is BS. Maybe we'll get lucky he will "die in his sleep" like our 33 day "Progressive Pope" John Paul 1st, did. Yes, I'm an Ex-Catholic, and now I plan on staying that way.
The man has not been Pope for more than a few hours and they already wish death on him. If this is not "tolerance," I don't know what is.
It's a sad day when the best aspect of a new pope is that he's likely to die soon.
Too bad they cannot starve him to death like Terri Schiavo. Perhaps the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals can arrange it.
Whatever else may have been going on in there, I'm reasonably sure that God was not speaking to them, saying "Hey, guys, why not shake things up a little bit? Go for the Nazi!"
Insulting a Cardinal's nationality? How liberal can you get? The Times reports that Ratzinger was briefly a member of Hitler Youth, but it was COMPULSORY.
I knew he would be named. The rest of the names were just ROVE tricks to throw off everyone. He was placed there by the likes of BushCO. It sends a STRONG signal to the non white people of the world that "WHITE POWER" is the name of the game. It was also a strong signal for WHITES to return to the church and be welcomed with open arms. They don't care about the Hispanics and Africans that are devoting themselves to the church. It is a sad day for the world in my opinion.
Uh huh. I am sure Ratzinger will be lighting up St. Peter's Square with a big flaming cross. Discussing the selection of a Pope using 1960s race sloganeering is like a NASA engineer discussing crochet techniques.