Thursday, April 21, 2005
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Tolerance in Action III: Pope Bashers Waste No Time

or "What Liberal Media?" -- Eric Alterman Liberals are not happy over the new Pope. Odds are, they would have hated anyone who was elected mainly because Popes tend to have these Catholic beliefs which get in the way of the leftist "compassionate" agenda. The words "Habemus Papam" were barely pronounced, and the media (who else?) quickly got to work in smearing Pope Benedict XVI for involvement with a Nazi youth organization in which he was FORCED to enroll and his "extreme conservative" views. Sydney Morning Herald: From Nazi Germany to the balcony of St Peter's By Daniel Wakin and Alan Cooperman WBAL: New Pope's Past Leaves Some Jews Uneasy -- German Cardinal Once Took Part In Hitler Youth Movement The Independent: In Germany, mood is hardly one of celebration By Tony Paterson The Age: Local Jews dismiss Pope's Nazi link By Rachel Kleinman Hindustani Times: New Pope's Nazi link worries Israeli Jews Important reads from the Media Research Center: CBS Most Egregious in Applying Ideological Labels to New Pope ABC & CBS Quick to Tag "Rottweiler" Ratzinger as "Controversial" ABC's Gibson April 4: "Extreme Conservative Views" Doom Ratzinger CBS's Early Show: "Many Catholics" Disappointed by Pope Pick NBC Labels New Pope But Not Liberal Critic, Raises Nazi Past Mort Kondracke: "Appalling" Pope Delivers "Dictatorship of Certitude" Then there is this rant from some Ken Parish guy:
The Catholic Church, which I joined full of hope and incomplete piety in the mid-1980s, will continue to be predominantly a force for evil despite the good and selfless works of millions of priests and lay Catholics throughout the world. Good works at grass roots level are largely negated by Papal opposition to birth control, effective anti-HIV programs, IVF, stem cell research, and voluntary euthanasia, not to mention the Church's hateful attitude towards gay and lesbian people and its mysogenistic opposition to women priests.
Just don't ask Parish WHY the Church opposes such things. No time for boring details when you have an agenda to ram internationally. And then we have this venomous post from Daily Kos:
It’s a great day to be a Nazi. ... we didn’t start this war, that f***ing Nazi did. People can pray all they want for their church and the antichrist who has just taken over. If you’re not IRATE, you’re not paying attention. What’s worse, attacking a sovereign country that was no threat to anyone and killing a hundred thousand innocent people while making the rest of the world hate you even more, or telling A BILLION CATHOLICS THAT CONDOMNS CAUSE AIDS!?????!!!!?!?! F** the Roman Catholic Church.
How's that for "tolerance"? Thanks to Tim Blair.