Monday, April 25, 2005
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"Tolerance" in Action IX: Paul Begala Insults Bush Nominees

CNS: Frist Associating with "Ultra Right Wing Crackpots" by Susan Jones
"The Republicans are injecting religion into the battle over President Bush's effort to pack the federal courts with right-wing rejects," said Paul Begala in a message from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Begala takes Sen Bill Frist to task for agreeing to appear with "ultra-right wing crackpots," a reference to Focus on the Family founder James Dobson and other religious leaders who are hosting an event called Justice Sunday. [...] Conservative religious leaders claim Democrats are using judicial filibusters "against people of faith," Begala said. "What, praytell, does that make the 205 judges we have confirmed? Heathens?" he asked. According to Begala, the effort to block ten of President Bush's judicial nominees isn't about religion. "Lord knows we progressives -- from Martin Luther King, Jr. to Jimmy Carter -- look to divine inspiration. We revere and respect people of faith. But we will not tolerate a phony holy war designed to pack the courts with judges who want to turn the clock back to the 1930's," he said.
You mean back when abortion was left to the states? Atleast women were voting by the 1930s. How arrogant must you be to associate your beliefs and politics with "progress"? Where is this "progress," Mr. Begala? Begala's not done.
"The Republicans want to shut down the entire United States Senate because of ten right-wing lawyers. Each one of them, of course, is a right-wing activist -- with legal and political views three steps to the right of Atilla the Hun."
Imagine Bush selecting right wing judges! How strange! Next thing you know, the Catholic Church will select a Catholic Pope!