Friday, April 22, 2005
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"Tolerance" in Action VI: Patriotism for Liberals

Chicago-Sun Times: Secret Service visits art show at Columbia College Chicago BY NATASHA KORECKI
Organizers of a politically charged art exhibit at Columbia College's Glass Curtain Gallery thought their show might draw controversy. But they didn't expect two U.S. Secret Service agents would be among the show's first visitors. The agents turned up Thursday evening, just before the public opening of "Axis of Evil, the Secret History of Sin," and took pictures of some of the art pieces -- including "Patriot Act," showing President Bush on a mock 37-cent stamp with a revolver pointed at his head. The agents asked what the artists meant by their work and wanted museum director CarolAnn Brown to turn over the names and phone numbers of all the artists. They wanted to hear from the exhibit's curator, Michael Hernandez deLuna, within 24 hours, she said.
Inevitably, this so called "artist" will howl that he/she is entitled to pronounce murderous fantasies on the leader of the free world. How "tolerant" can they get?
Columbia agreed to the exhibit because of its "high artistic standards" and supports it even though the artists are not affiliated with the college, she said.
If Columbia supports "high artistic standards", then how does displaying images of the President with a gun to his head and labeling it as an act of "patriotism" fulfil that standard?
"We're an art school. Our position has always been and remains: We support freedom of speech, freedom of artistic expression and academic freedom," Leventhal said. Hernandez said any government involvement could come close to trampling First Amendment rights. "It frightens me ... as an artist and curator. Now we're being watched," Hernandez said. "It's a new world. It's a Big Brother world. I think it's frightening for any artist who wants to do edgy art."
Hernandez scares easily I guess. And the First Amendment hardly protects this form of speech: murder against a President? Hernandez is a simpleton leftist who feels entitled to express whatever he pleases, but he is likely the same sort of person who will label conservative speech as "hate crime." The double standards could fit a canyon.