Sunday, April 24, 2005
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"Tolerance" in Action VIII: More Pope Bashing, Oh Boy!

From Lean Left:
It’s Ratzinger - the Goebbels of the Vatican. Un...believable, even for an organization as self-destructively oblivious as this one. Well, for Catholics and the dwindling number of Westerners who still take Catholicism seriously, it’s time to kiss the Dark Ages hello again...The medieval wing of an organization that just barely got over Galileo has now claimed the right to declare itself “infallible” (the irony of which they never seem to get). If you thought John Paul II was bad, wait till you get a load of Pope Torquemada Jr."
From Brothers Judd:
"...this may come to be seen as another case of a conservative winning election in the wake of 9-11."
(I am certain the College of Cardinals were concerned about a 747 hitting the dome of St. Peter's. And Ratzinger will be the Superman to prevent it, too.) Professor Bainbrige says Andrew Sullivan is an "ass" -- hard to disagree. Sullivan writes:
It would be hard to over-state the radicalism of this decision. It's not simply a continuation of John Paul II. It's a full-scale attack on the reformist wing of the church. ... The space for dissidence, previously tiny, is now extinct. And the attack on individual political freedom is just beginning.
Bainbridge responds: "Sullivan's reaction to the elevation of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger is so over the top that it defies parody." If only the Cardinals consulted with Sullivan first! Punditguy has a nice list of facts on Papal names and their selection. Read (alot) more at The Moderate Voice. I had to laugh at this: