Sunday, April 10, 2005
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"Tolerance" in Action

This is what happens when you dare question liberal culture and its ideas. So much for "tolerance" and "diversity." Young America's Foundation: No Leniency For Leftist Hatemongers by Patrick X. Coyle
Every indication suggests students were eager to hear Pat Buchanan’s ideas. Prior to the start of the speech, Matt Hall and the other organizers brought in more chairs to meet the demand. There was an open question and answer session but the Left didn’t want “questions answered.” They want to intimidate and silence speakers. As Mr. Buchanan was answering a question describing neo-conservatives, a lone leftist ran up to the front of the hall and as he reached the podium, he doused Mr. Buchanan with salad dressing. This attack caused Mr. Buchanan to cut the event short. This latest incident follows attacks on Bill Kristol at Earlham College and Ann Coulter at the University of Arizona. [...] Following the attack, the conservative students restrained the protestor first, not campus security. In addition, the response from WMU administrators has been lackluster at best. Several WMU administrators were at the event including the vice president of finance, the dean of students, and the director of student activities. Not one campus administrator approached Mr. Buchanan afterwards to ask if he was okay or to apologize for the attack. The school president has yet to publicly apologize to Mr. Buchanan, although I am told a letter will be sent to his home.They have not made any calls for leftist professors and students to take free speech “sensitivity” training as they would if the same incident happened to a liberal speaker. They have helped create a climate of hostility to conservatives and they refuse to take adequate steps to ensure this will not happen again.
[Emphasis added.] Buchanon, Kristol, and Coulter aren't the only beneficiaries of such ignorance. Ask David Horowitz and Richard Perle. Indy Star: Activist hit by pie at Butler lecture By Kevin O'Neal ABC NEWS: Protester Throws Shoe at Richard Perle More info at Bright Mystery.