Monday, April 25, 2005
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The Unhinged Andrew Sullivan

The Times: Comment: Andrew Sullivan: Benedict could pour petrol on America’s cultural fires
In the debate between reformists and traditionalists, there was no figure more polarising. Many of us Catholics thought he would be a big influence in the conclave. But after his fire-and-brimstone homily before the conclave on Monday, we assumed he would cede to a unifying, moderate candidate. How wrong we were. When the news came through, my phone lit up with voices of panic, dread, fear and even sobs. A leading lay Catholic moderate, The Washington Post’s E J Dionne, described his response as “petrified”. [...] The culture wars in America are already aflame, his elevation as Benedict XVI amounts to a barrel-full of petrol on the fire. Those of us struggling to live as modern, open-minded Catholics can only hope the church isn’t burnt in the process.
[Emphasis mine.] COME ON NOW Andrew! You dont really care about the Church or who burns it. (I note your brilliant arrogance in including yourself as "modern" and "open minded." Those of us who disagree with you apparently are "archaic" and "close minded"? Sullivan is out of control to say the least. When he is ready to calmly analyze the situation, he might realize that Benedict XVI's greatest sin of all is being Catholic. Of course, Sullivan does not have the spine to say this, so he writes rambling, over the top articles pretending to offer an argument or debate. Instead he only displays his own intolerance of Catholicism. My e-mail to Andrew:
Dear Mr. Sullivan: For the sake of your credibility, I would advice you to drop the obvious pretence, and cease with your gibberish about your "care" for the Catholic Chruch. Your true concern is that the Church does not embrace your agenda, that it does not embrace your personal vision of women's role or that of homosexuals. I will fully admit that I do not always agree with Ratzinger on some of his comments against homosexuals or the ordination of women. But at what point has Ratzinger (or any other priest or Cardinal) knocked on the Sullivan door and demanded that you believe in or care about what Catholicism espouses? Even if you are correct to assert that the Catholic Church is wrong on a number of issues, I dare you to find any person who commanded you or the rest of the world to remain Catholic. If you disagree with the Church, fine. God bless you. But you have tremendous audacity to tell the Church what it can or cannot believe, what it can or cannot express. If the Church is "intolerant," rest assured that you are no better.
Thanks to Wizbang for the nifty Advisory.