Tuesday, April 26, 2005
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"What Liberal Media?" -- Eric Alterman

Yet another reason to ignore headlines and read the whole damn article. Matt Margolis at GOP Bloggers notes:
While the headlines read "CIA's final report: No WMD found in Iraq" or "Report Finds No Evidence Syria Hid Iraqi Arms" the stories tell a different story. The MSNBC story had this buried in their story as the second-to-last paragraph:
Among unanswered questions, Duelfer said a group formed to investigate whether WMD-related material was shipped out of Iraq before the invasion wasn't able to reach firm conclusions because the security situation limited and later halted their work. Investigators were focusing on transfers from Iraq to Syria.
The Washington Post story, whose headline declared that Iraq's WMD were not sent to Syria, had this in paragraph two:
Although Syria helped Iraq evade U.N.-imposed sanctions by shipping military and other products across its borders, the investigators "found no senior policy, program, or intelligence officials who admitted any direct knowledge of such movement of WMD." Because of the insular nature of Saddam Hussein's government, however, the investigators were "unable to rule out unofficial movement of limited WMD-related materials."