Friday, May 06, 2005
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The Academy and its Lunatics

Townhall: The reign of Jane has Churchill looking sane by Mike S. Adams
Professor Jane Christensen: "I rather think the 'Holocaust' denial sites have a great deal of credibility since the 'Holocaust' was the greatest hoax of all." [...] Jane Christensen [...] says that criticism of her courses is part of "a war by the extreme right wing motivated by the Zionists to quash academic freedom on campus." And when I offered her a chance to rebut my criticisms of her, here is what she had to say: "Sorry, Mike, you destructive bastard. You've just played your hand. F*** you." Let me say for the record that I am not part of a right-wing Zionist conspiracy, aimed at keeping people like Jane Christensen out of our institutions of higher learning. To the contrary, I think that Jane Christensen belongs in an institution. She could hardly function anywhere else.