Wednesday, May 04, 2005
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ACLU: Defending the Most Defenseless?

Billings Gazette: Woman charged with using meth while pregnant arrested again
The first woman charged in Wyoming for allegedly using methamphetamine while she was pregnant is back in jail for an alleged drug violation. Michelle Ann Foust, 31, was jailed last Wednesday when a urine sample allegedly showed the presence of methamphetamine, which would violate the terms of her bond agreement. Just five days earlier, Foust was in court for a preliminary hearing on a charge of child endangerment. She was arrested last October shortly after she gave birth to a son after blood tests allegedly showed both Foust and the infant had meth in their bloodstreams. A new law that went into effect last year made it illegal for an adult to allow a child to ingest meth. Foust is the first person to be charged for allegedly passing the drug through her bloodstream to a fetus. The American Civil Liberties Union has criticized Fremont County Attorney Ed Newell for bringing the case. Foust's attorney, Gordon Ellis, said the law shouldn't apply to Foust because a fetus is not a child.
If that doesn't send shivers down your spine or atleast make you pause for a moment... Liberalism prides itself on defending the weak, the defenseless, the disadvantaged, the unlucky. Here is the epitome of weak, of defenseless: the unborn child. Instead of rising to the unborn's defense, the ACLU engages in rhetorical gymnatics, defending a drug abuser and pretending that if they shout it and repeat it long enough, they might convince you that labeling the unborn "not a child" will somehow change its essence. Does calling a kitten a "BooBoo" change its feline qualities? Does it permit you to abuse it or starve it? Of course not. Then why do we permit this absuridity with our own species? Thanks to Opinion Journal.