Thursday, May 26, 2005
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Are Detainees Credible About Koran Abuse?

NY Times: Documents Say Detainees Cited Koran Abuse by Neil A. Lewis
Unlike F.B.I. documents previously disclosed in a lawsuit brought by the civil liberties union, in which agents reported that they had witnessed harsh and possibly illegal interrogation techniques, the new documents do not say the F.B.I. agents witnessed the episodes themselves. Rather, they are accounts of unsubstantiated accusations made by the prisoners during interrogation
. LA Times: Detainees Told FBI of Koran Desecration -- Inmates at Guantanamo complained of guards defiling the holy book, records show. Pentagon says it has no proof of a toilet incident. By Richard B. Schmitt
No independent verification has been made of the prisoners' claims. The FBI reports say that some prisoners, when asked, were not able to say that they had witnessed such abuse of the Koran, but that they had heard rumors about it. One prisoner, the FBI notes say, "considers it his duty as a Muslim to believe the rumor until it is proven untrue."
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