Friday, May 27, 2005
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Flush or No Flush?

Pentagon says detainee retracts Koran allegation By Will Dunham
"We've gone back to the detainee who allegedly made the allegation and he has said it didn't happen. So the underlying allegation, the detainee himself, within the last two weeks, said that didn't happen," chief Pentagon spokesman Lawrence Di Rita told a briefing.
Newsday: Quran-mishandling cases verified BY CRAIG GORDON
U.S. investigators have confirmed five cases where guards and an interrogator improperly handled the Quran at Guantanamo Bay prison, and two cases led to disciplinary action over their treatment of the Muslim holy book, the Pentagon said yesterday. The prison's commander also said that a detainee recanted his 2002 allegation that a Quran was flushed down a toilet - although investigators never asked him specifically about the allegation when they re-interviewed him two weeks ago.
New England Republican asks:
Why is this news? Our enemies saw people's heads off when they take prisoners and all the media can talk about is the mishandling of a book! Gee does Al Qaeda let their captives even see a bible before brutally murdering them[?] Even if they did, I doubt they would be worried about mishandling it.