Friday, May 13, 2005
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Gender Worship Ahead

CNSNews: 'Horrified' By Bush, Feminist Urges Election of More Women By Marc Morano
With Republicans in charge of the White House and Congress and Democrats fearing that the next appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court could lead to the reversal of legalized abortion, one of the most liberal groups in Washington believes the only solution to such a "dire" problem is to elect more women. "When I look at what is happening right now in this city, I am horrified," said Ellen Malcolm, the president and founder of the abortion rights group Emily's List, while speaking to a group of feminists and Democratic Party regulars this week in the nation's capital. Malcolm believes more female politicians will end the "nasty tone" and "horrible partisan atmosphere" in Washington. "One of the things that I appreciate is that when you elect more women, the tone gets more reasonable, the women figure out ways to get together, find more compromise," she told Cybercast News Service. "I think we could use that kind of leadership in a big dose right now."
Put aside for a moment the fact that Malcolm does not give a drop of evidence for her gender worship and self-serving assertion. What she really wants is more women in favor of abortion in positions of power. Certainly not pro-life women.
"Our dream is correct, that if we put women in power, the country will be better off -- we will be better off," Malcolm said on a night when she, as the founder of Emily's List, was receiving "woman of the year" honors from the Woman's National Democratic Club. Emily's List raised over $40 million to try to elect female abortion rights candidates in 2004.
Lots of self-serving assertions, zero proof. Next.