Sunday, May 22, 2005
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Newsweek Continues to Smear U.S. Internationally

Via Nikita Demosthenes and Riding Sun, Newsweek's Japanese edition is proof enough (in case you need more) of what the magazine thinks of America: According to Gaijin Biker at Riding Sun, "The large white text reads, 'Amerika ga shinda hi', which translates to 'The day America died.'" Little Green Footballs reader "rickadams" translates the cover text:
The red text at the left just above the “Newsweek” logo says: "America forsaken." The big white and yellow text says: "The Day America Died -- The ideal of ‘freedom’ falls to the ground due to Bush continuing in office."
Of course, the radicals at Newsweek won't publish a similar cover in the USA. Newsweek is not THAT dumb (or that courageous).