Thursday, May 19, 2005
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No Words to Describe This One

Via The Age: Astrologer courts trouble for NASA
A russian court has ruled that an astrologer can sue NASA over plans to bombard a comet whose destruction would "disrupt the natural balance of the universe". A lower court threw out Marina Bai's case because it said Russia had no jurisdiction over NASA. But it was overturned when her lawyer, Alexandra Molokhova, showed that NASA's US embassy office in Moscow fell under Russian jurisdiction.
MosNews: Russian Astrologist Plans to Crash NASA’s Independence Day
[T]he last thing NASA expected was a lawsuit from Russia. But Russian astrologist Marina Bai gave it a try, and, according to her lawyer Alexander Molokhov, it looks like she may just pull it off. In a lawsuit she filed last month with the Presnensky district court in Moscow, Bai is demanding that NASA call off its $311 million operation, with the spacecraft already in its cruise phase. She also wants 8.7 billion rubles (the ruble equivalent of the entire cost of the mission) in compensation for moral damages. “The actions of NASA infringe upon my system of spiritual and life values, in particular on the values of every element of creation, upon the unacceptability of barbarically interfering with the natural life of the universe, and the violation of the natural balance of the Universe,” Bai said in her claim.