Monday, May 16, 2005
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Obstruction of Nominees

Myth: The Senate Has Confirmed An Overwhelming Percentage Of President Bush's Judicial Nominees; Therefore It Is Not Problematic That A Democratic Minority Has Blocked 10 Nominations From Receiving A Floor Vote. Fact: President Bush Has The Lowest Appellate Confirmation Percentage Of Any President.
While Democrats Claim They Have Confirmed More Than 200 Of President Bush's Judicial Nominees, 10 of The 52 Nominees To The Circuit Court Of Appeals Were Filibustered. (Jesse J. Holland, “Senate Confirms First Judge Of Bush's Second Term,” The Associated Press, 4/11/05) President Bush's Confirmation Rate For Appellate Judges Is The “Lowest” Of Any Modern President. “A better figure would compare Bush's four-year appellate confirmation rate to recent presidents. According to the American Enterprise Institute's John Lott Jr., Bush's four-year rate was 69 percent, the lowest of any modern president. Bill Clinton's rate was 74 percent.” (David Reinhard, Op-Ed, “Judge Not Lest Ye Be … Filibuster,” The Oregonian, 3/17/05)
See more (alot more) myths at UporDownVote. SEN. TED KENNEDY’S (D-MA) HYPOCRISY ON JUDICIAL NOMINATIONS