Tuesday, May 31, 2005
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Oprah Symathizes with Muslim Terrorists?

Preston Taylor Holmes writes:
The queen of daytime psychobabble and heroine to millions of comatose middle-aged sycophantic women has finally been exposed as an islamofascist sympathizer in a recent column by Debbie Schlussel titled "Oprah: Daytime Talk’s Jihadi Sister". When she's not busy playing grab-ass with Dr. Phil, Oprah is doing her best to whitewash radical islam and its centuries of global crimes against humanity, not the least of which was the slaughter of 3,000 Americans on 9/11.
Oprah: Daytime Talk’s Jihadi Sister By Debbie Schlussel
Last month, Oprah’s “O” [magazine] asked readers to understand “The Heart of a Destroyer,” Mohammed Atta. You remember him—the Al-Qaeda ringleader of the 9/11 hijackers who murdered 3,000 Americans. But that’s not exactly the way “O”’s “reading room” wants you to remember him. Beneath a picture of young Mohammed and his smiling sister on the Egyptian beach, “O” exhorts you to read a book that “sets out to understand the hearts and minds of the men behind the photos” of the 9/11 hijackers, a group of “lonely, exiled young men.” But the fatherless and motherless children who lost their parents to Atta—they aren’t lonely, are they? The book, “O” tells us, “is a simultaneously passionate, compassionate, and dispassionate book that [doesn’t] indict Islam.” Just what we need—the CEO of the Oprah Book Club urging America’s women to have compassion for Mohammed Atta.