Monday, May 16, 2005
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Racism at U of Oregon is OK

as long as it is directed at whitey. Oregon Daily Emerald: Officials defend class enrollment restrictions -- The Office of Multicultural Academic Support claims its practice of withholding slots for minority students is legal by Jared Paben
When senior Stephanie Ramey tried to sign up online for Math 243 Calculus for Business and Social Science for spring term she was denied access and informed she would have to contact the class professor. The professor asked her to contact the Office of Multicultural Academic Support about enrolling in his class. A staff member at the office said she couldn't register for the class because she doesn't identify as a minority, Ramey said. Ramey, who tried to get into the section because it was the only one available, was told that if she wanted to be in the class, she'd have to show up at 7:45 a.m. Monday, the first day of classes, and meet with an adviser before she could enroll, she said. "I guess I was just really surprised and irritated because I thought I had a right to get into the class too. ... I guess I felt a little bit discriminated against," Ramey said. "For a sophomore math class, I shouldn't have to wait just because I'm white."
A little bit? No kidding you should not have to wait. This practice is blatantly illegal and perverse. When will university officials go back to their original mission of EDUCATING STUDENTS and cease with the Marxist politics?