Monday, May 16, 2005
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Stealing from Joe to Give to Jill

Like most liberal institutions, Harvard is just another of many which views human beings not as, well, human, but part of political groups, each of which have their own claim to victimization. In order to "rectify" or "correct" past injustices, or preceived imbalances in any given environment, affirmative action programs -- code named "diversity initiatives" -- are put in place to engineer what the elite feel is appropriate. In this case, it appears President Summers's horridly correct comment that men and women have differences among them has caused the bleeding hearts there to self-flagellize themselves into devoting millions of dollars to hire women in the faculty. In such an atmosphere, old-fashioned notions like merit are not only irrelevant, but they're assumed to represent values of an old generation, the same one which was sexist/racist/classist in the first place. Committing an injustice in order to artificially create a desired result is somehow legitimate. And nevermind the inevitable sexism that will occur when you institute a mass policy in favor of women. Men obviously will be harmed by it, but who cares about men? "You guys have been discriminating for years. Now it is our turn." -- Thurgood Marshall Harvard Commits $50M for Women Faculty By JUSTIN POPE