Sunday, May 01, 2005
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"They Killed Liberalism!"

Manhattan Institute: 'I hate conservatives, but I really...hate liberals' -- Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, Stan and the rest of the South Park gang couldn't spell PC if they tried By Brian C. Anderson
South Park has a sharp anti-PC edge. One episode mocks multicultural sentimentality about the supposed wisdom of native cultures. Kyle contracts a potentially fatal kidney disorder, and his naïve parents try to cure it with "natural" Native American methods, with disastrous results. Stan tries to get his friend sent to a hospital, but runs into fierce resistance. Kyle's mom reassures him: "Everything is going to be fine, Stan; we're bringing in Kyle tomorrow to see the Native Americans personally." Stan responds: "Isn't it possible that these Indians don't know what they're talking about?" Stan's mom interjects: "You watch your mouth, Stanley. The Native Americans were raped of their land and resources by white people like us." To which Stan has a perfectly logical rejoinder: "And that has something to do with their medicines because ... ?"