Wednesday, May 11, 2005
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"Tolerance" in Action XV: Garrison Keillor, Illogical Ass

Via Opinion Journal: The Nation: Confessions of a Listener by GARRISON KEILLOR
The reason you find an army of right-wingers ratcheting on the radio and so few liberals is simple: Republicans are in need of affirmation, they don't feel comfortable in America and they crave listening to people who think like them. Liberals actually enjoy living in a free society; tuning in to hear an echo is not our idea of a good time.
Liberals LOVE echos. Hence why they listen to NPR, watch "Fahrenheit 9/11" and read the Nation.
I go to church on Sunday morning to be among the like-minded, and we all say the Nicene Creed together and assume nobody has his fingers crossed, but when it comes to radio, I prefer oddity and crankiness. I don't need someone to tell me that George W. Bush is a deceitful, corrupt, clever and destructive man--that's pretty clear on the face of it. What I want is to be surprised and delighted and moved. [...]
So Republicans are wrong or simplistic to want affirmation and like minded people on the radio, but it's ok to want the same in Church? It's alright if it's in Church but not on the radio?
I don't worry about the right-wingers on AM radio. They are talking to an audience that is stuck in rush-hour traffic, in whom road rage is mounting, and the talk shows divert their rage from the road to the liberal conspiracy against America. Instead of ramming your rear bumper, they get mad at Harry Reid.
1. Then talk radio is good since it prevents us crazies from ramming into your rear bumper. 2. Liberals and Dems never get angry on the road and they never get stuck in rush hour traffic? 3. What's this got to do with the substance of talk radio besides NOTHING?