Friday, June 17, 2005
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Hollow Apologies from the Senate

Project 21: Black Activist Decries Civil Rights Apologists -- Senate Apology for Lynching Perpetuates "Posture of the Victim"
Project 21 member Lisa Fritsch calls the passage of the resolution "a day late, a dollar short and not worth a dime." Fritsch's statement on the resolution and the movement for government apologies follows: "I am all for the gracious acceptance of an apology that is due, or for apologizing when I am wrong. But just like giving credit where it is due, an apology only carries weight when it has meaning. And, in the case of the recent apology by Senator Mary Landrieu [D-LA] and her regretful cohorts on Capitol Hill, this apology doesn't amount to a hill of beans - at least not today. "The lynchings of the past, while a sad place in history to recount, is exactly that - history. The best way to avenge this shameful history and make it relevant to us today is not to wallow in the apologies and regrets offered by senators who couldn't be in any way responsible for what occurred, but to supply our own closure by forgiving those who trespassed against us and moving on."