Friday, June 10, 2005
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The Nonsense That is Ozone-Depletion
There is not a ‘layer’ of ozone at all, any more than there is single layer of air; and ozone doesn’t protect us from anything. The Sun's rays hit us at exactly the same time as they hit the ozone. Therefore, protection is impossible. In the same way, 'hard' water molecules, H3O, doesn't prevent anyone from getting wet. If we could snap our fingers and make every single last molecule of ozone disappear, it would have absolutely no bearing on the amount of UV light reaching the Earth. [...] There is not one shred of supportable evidence that CFCs have found their way 40 miles up above the Earth. No one has ever found any up there because they are roughly five times heavier than air. They are like a brick in a swimming pool. It is not often that you will see a brick floating to the surface of your pool. CFCs are so dense that even as a gas you could fill a bucket with it and pour the contents of one bucket into another. Secondly there is no evidence that they can destroy anything because they are very stable and unreactive substances. Most dictionaries and chemistry books describe them as inert gases. [...] Finally, a word from a reliable expert. Robert Pease, Professor Emeritus of Physical Climatology at one of America’s leading universities, sent a disclaimer about what he called the “media-endorsed ozone-depletion theory” to many United States newspapers. Only a handful published it. Here are some excerpts: “..The ozone layer self heals. Ozone molecules in the atmosphere are constantly being replenished, created when energetic ultraviolet light splits normal oxygen. In addition, the ozone layer is replenished by upward diffusion of smog-induced surface ozone. The belief that CFC molecules will rise and collect in the stratosphere is incorrect. Even if they did, there is a low probability of enough CFC decomposition necessary for ozone depletion. Based on Professor Rowland’s own calculations, there will be one CFC for every 136 million normal oxygen atoms in the ozone layer at 25 km altitude. Clear-cut evidence of ozone depletion is lacking. The entire theory is based on the supposition that somehow heavier-than-air CFC molecules rise into the stratosphere unimpeded. In no way can manmade destruction of the ozone layer be accepted as fact. Eventually a scientific debate may take place, and this ozone depletion scare might finally be laid to rest.."
Thanks to No Pasaran!