Thursday, June 09, 2005
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Keep Talking Howard V

SF Chronicle: In S.F., Dean calls GOP 'a white Christian party' by Carla Marinucci James Taranto at Opinion Journal responds:
Howard Dean is accusing Republicans of being white. We most assuredly are not jiving you: Howard Dean--scion of Park Avenue, former governor of Vermont, a state that is 96.8% people of pallor--is faulting Republicans for being white, even though he himself is whiter than an albino polar bear with dandruff. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!
Or the kettle white, as it were. Let's not forgot some non-Caucasian Bush appointees:
Colin Powell, Sec. of State Condi Rice, Sec. of State Rod Paige, Sec of Education Alberto Gonzalez, Attorney General Linda Chavez, nominee for Sec. of Labor Elaine Chao, Sec. of Labor Melquiades Rafael Martinez, Sec. of Housing and Urban Development Norman Yoshio Mineta, Sec. of Transportation Carlos Gutierrez, Sec. of Commerce Alphonso Jackson, Sec. of Housing and Urban Development