Saturday, June 04, 2005
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Read Beyond the Headline. Always.

The average thinking reader cannot trust the anti-military media's headlines, and here is another example of it. The story below implies that a Koran at G-Bay was intentionally put in contact with urine except if you read on... U.S.: Gitmo Quran Was Splashed With Urine By ROBERT BURNS
"A detainee complained to guards that "urine came through an air vent" and splashed on him and his Quran. A guard admitted he was at fault, but a report released Friday evening offering new details about Quran mishandling incidents did not make clear whether the guard intended the result."
So it is possible this detainees Koran was accidentally hit with urine, but the headline doesn't even attempt to explain that crucial part.
In another confirmed incident, water balloons thrown by prison guards caused an unspecified number of Qurans to get wet, and in a confirmed but ambiguous case, a two-word obscenity was written in English on the inside cover of a Quran.
If getting the Koran wet is not a violation of the Geneva Convention, I don't know what is. G-Bay detainees don't even have to make accusations any more. Why bother? They have the American media and the Pentagon flagellating themselves very thoroughly. But burning and stepping on the U.S. flag? Not a problem. *** Apart from the media double standard with the military, there's also some massive hypocricy when it comes to urine. Yes, urine. Tim Blair reminds us that the combination of religious books/objects and urine is hardly disrespectful! It's art! Just ask amatuer Andres Serrano. Or perhaps it is only art when Christian symbols are being degraded, but a monstrous tragedy when a Muslim book is involved? Wait there's more. Not until the 14th and 15th paragraph do we learn this:
[Brig. Gen. Jay] Hood also said his investigation found 15 cases of detainees mishandling their own Qurans. "These included using a Quran as a pillow, ripping pages out of the Quran, attempting to flush a Quran down the toilet and urinating on the Quran," Hood's report said. It offered no possible explanation for the detainees' motives. In the most recent of those 15 cases, a detainee on Feb. 18 allegedly ripped up his Quran and handed it to a guard, stating that he had given up on being a Muslim. Several guards witnessed this, Hood reported.
Shouldn't the headline have read "DETAINEES INTENTIONALLY DAMAGING OWN KORANS" ? Why bother with that part when we can focus on what might be an accidental splashing of urine by a American soldier? Regarding our self-flagellation, Charles Krauthammer hits a journalistic grandslam in his article below. Townhall: Gitmo Grovel: Enough Already by Charles Krauthammer
Under the rules the Pentagon later instituted at Guantanamo, proper handling of the Koran means using two hands and wearing gloves when touching it. Which means that if any guard held the Koran with one hand or had neglected to put on gloves, this would be considered mishandling. On the scale of human crimes, where, say, 10 is the killing of 2,973 innocent people in one day and 0 is jaywalking, this ranks as perhaps a 0.01. Moreover, what were the Korans doing there in the first place? The very possibility of mishandling Korans arose because we gave them to each prisoner. What kind of crazy tolerance is this? Is there any other country that would give a prisoner precisely the religious text that that prisoner and those affiliated with him invoke to justify the slaughter of innocents? If the prisoners had to have reading material, I would have given them the book "Portraits 9/11/01" -- vignettes of the lives of those massacred on Sept. 11.
White House Plays Down New Quran Reports By DEB RIECHMANN