Saturday, June 18, 2005
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Sri Lanka Bites the Hand that Feeds Her

BBC: Oxfam pays $1m tsunami aid duty -- British charity Oxfam has had to pay the Sri Lankan government $1m in import duty for vehicles used in tsunami reconstruction wor
Paperwork had kept the 25 four-wheel drive vehicles idle in the capital, Colombo, for a month. The Sri Lankan government told the BBC News website the aid had been duty-free until the end of April but was now needed to prevent "market distortions". Nearly 31,000 people died in Sri Lanka when the tsunami struck on 26 December. Half a million were made homeless. [...] Oxfam was given the choice of handing over the vehicles to the government, re-exporting them or paying the 300% import tax.
Major ingratitude at its finest. The Mayor at Mitchieville has more commentary.