Thursday, June 16, 2005
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Totally Tasteless: Kerry Skarbakka

Artist Stages 9/11 'Falls' From Museum Roof
Collaborating photographers snapped away as Kerry Skarbakka fell more than 30 times from the five-story Museum of Contemporary Art on Tuesday. The photographs will be retouched to erase the pulleys and wires that kept Skarbakka from hitting the pavement. [...] In New York, Mayor Michael Bloomberg called it "nauseatingly offensive," and some who lost family and friends at the trade center agreed. "What kind of a sick individual is he? Tell him to go jump off the Empire State Building and see how it feels," Rosemarie Giallombardo, whose son Paul Salvio died in the terrorist attack, told the (New York) Daily News.
Of course, the real victims of 9/11 did not have the benefit of pulleys and wires to keep THEM from hitting the pavement. Opportunistic jerk.